When a man, woman or couples are unable to reproduced, it is known as infertility. It usually goes beyond a period of one year before one can say a man, woman or couples are infertile.
We have two major types of infertility. We have Primary infertility and Secondary infertility. Primary infertility is when a man or woman or couples have not been able to give birth to any child while secondary infertility is a situation where a man, woman or couples have been able to give birth to a child or more but later find it difficult to have more children. It is not only women that are infertile, men too can be infertile. Infections generally could play a bigger role in driving a man, woman or couples to infertile state.
Infections like gonorrhea, Syphilis, Coliform, Staph, Candidiasis, Herpex and others could bring about infertility in our society especially when these infections are not well treated. A long term infection or badly treated infection could lead to the following health condition that could in turn lead to infertility in men, women or couples. These conditions are as follows:


Hormonal problem
Erectile dysfunction
Bad formation of Sperm cells (Morphology)
Low sperm count


Irregular menstruation
Lack of ovulations
Blockage of fallopian tube
Ovarian cysts
Hormonal problem
Seizure of menstruation

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