D-One Health Care Limited is a modern Herbal clinic, we make use of medical plants in the treatment of infertility cases, Low Sperm Count, Prostrate, Erectile dysfunction, Bad formation of sperm cells (morphology); Menstrual disorder,  Fibroid, Blockage of Fallopian Tube, Ovarian Cyst, Hormonal Problem, Lack of Ovulation, Seizure of menstruation. Pile, Diabetes, Malaria Parasites, Typhoid, Ulcer, Sexual weakness, Lack of Sexual feelings and also Fungi & Bacteria infections including Staphylococcus Aureus, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Candida Albicans, Echericial Coli (E-coli), Herpes Coliform & Other symptoms like; Itchy, Discharge, Severe waist pain,  Hotness of the body, Rashes all over the body, General body weakness, Pinch-like sensation in the body, Rheumatism & Arthritis, Internal heat, Painful urination, Feverish condition always, Lower abdomen pains, Blood in urine and / or stool, Noisy Stomach, Anti-like or Worm-like movement in the body, Pitchy or Pin-like sensation, General body weakness, Mouth Odor.
We have good quality herbal products which we use for different kinds of ailment, One Natural MP Capsules remedy which is used for the treatment of severe or constant malaria or typhoid, Super B Capsules Herbal remedy which is used for the treatment of chronic infection be it Staphylococcus aures, Fertocap Capsules which is used for weak erection, low sperm count, JD Capsules Herbal remedy which is used for chronic Pile, Waist Pain, Noisy Stomach and all other products that are used for various Health Challenges.
For a lasting solution to all these Health Problems and more that cannot be mentioned in this medium, Visit D-One Health Care modern Herbal Clinic, See our Herbal Consultants and Explain your health situation of challenges to them, they would recommend combination of herbal drugs that would give you lasting solution to your health problem(s)
Self medication is bad and could lead to sudden death. Please do not indulge in self medication.

Aims and Objectives

  • To ensure good health
  • To ensure treatment of various ailments with herbal medicine
  • To ensure safe herbal medicine through good manufacturing practice (GMP)
  • To ensure good quality herbal medicine
  • To ensure, people see our herbal consultants before taking any of our herbal products
  • To ensure that people register (registration Card) for record keeping