When a man is not active sexually this is often referred to as sexual weakness. It is a known fact that most men are sexually weak. This often leads to infidelity in marriages and/ other forms of serious relationship. Any man that is sexually weak would never be happy about himself no matter the level of achievement the man may have recorded in life.

There are different types of sexual weakness: Lack of sexual feelings for partners, secondly, weak erection or poor erection, lastly, quick ejaculation or premature ejaculation. Men in these categories come quickly during sex.

Factors responsible for these sexual weaknesses in men are:
  • 1. INFECTIONS infections generally make men to be sexually inactive be it chronic or unwell. treated infection like gonorrhea, syphilis, staph, candida e-coli, coliform etc.
  • 2. DIABETES is another major cause of sexual weakness in men. Diabetes simply means excess sugar in the body system. And also most of the medications for diabetes (drugs) make men to be sexually weak.
  • 3. PILE can make a man to be sexually inactive. Pile could be internal or external. The external pile is often referred to as hemorrhoid.
  • 4. HYPERTENSION is one of the causes of sexual weakness in men.
  • When the blood pressure is above normal one is said to be hypertensive and of course this makes men to be sexually weak. And also most of the drugs men are taking for high blood pressure make them to be weak sexually.

    STRESS,ANXIETY AND FAILURE are social concepts that make men to be sexually weak or inactive.

    SOLUTION: Most men think that getting erection stimulant could give them a lasting solution to their sexual weakness. Erection stimulant could worsen their situation most times.

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