D-one health care Nig. Limited. Is a modern herbal clinic we make use of medical plant in the treatment of infertility cases, low sperm count, menstrual disorder, pile, diabetes, Malaria parasites, Typhoid, Ucler, sexual weakness and also fungi and Bacteria infections including staphylococcus Aureuses, gonorrhea, syphilis, candida albicans, elcherical coli (E-coli) coliform & other symptoms like: itchy, discharge, waist pain, noisy stomach, ani-like or work like movement in the body, hotness of the body, pitchy or pin-like sensation, lower abdominal pains etc.



    INFERTILTY: When a man, woman or couples are unable to reproduced, it is known as infertility. It usually goes beyond a period of one year before one can say a man, woman or couples are infertile. We have two major types of infertility. We have Primary infertility and Secondary infertility. Primary infertility is when a man or woman or couples have not been able to give birth to any child while secondary infertility is a situation where a man, woman or couples have been able to give birth to a child or more but later find it difficult to have more children. It is not only women that are infertile, men too can be infertile.Read More